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Total System Treatment - PLUS!

Whole House Septic Treatment -
Drain Line to Drain Field

64 oz. - 6 Month Treatment

Compared to a Leading Brand X:

  • Contains NO Enzymes or surfactants
  • 30% MORE product per container
  • 0% LOWER cost per unit
  • 3 TIMES more active
  • NOT sold in retail outlets


PRO-PUMP/TST PLUS (Total System Treatment) is designed to provide inside and outside benefits in a novel bio-formulation that cleans and deodorizes drain lines and treats the entire septic system in a single monthly application. When used as directed, PRO-PUMP/TST PLUS will improve line flow, eliminate drain odor and protect your on-site wastewater system by restoring the necessary biological action in septic tanks and absorption fields. PRO-PUMP/TST PLUS is a highly active, safe microbial formulation designed specifically to maintain your system's required biological action year-round.


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