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Here's your best choice to resolve the tough problems that exist in drain lines and grease traps! Its exceptional performance in low oxygen environments results in the rapid breakdown, degradation and removal of difficult-to-degrade fats, oils and greases that build up in lines and grease traps. PRO-PUMP/HC also degrades long chain fatty acid compounds that are associated with odor production, low pH swings and traps surface solids accumulation.

Select PRO-PUMP/HC to reduce trap surface solids, line blockages and odor problems.

PRO-PUMP/HC offers unmatched performance for drain lines and grease traps and is an effective tool for facility effluent system management.

• Eliminates line blockages

• Reduces surface solids

• Reduces bottom solids

• Breaks down heavy grease blocks

• Eliminates line and trap odors




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